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BMW 3 Series Generation E90

The BMW E90 is the fifth generation of the BMW 3 Series, which was produced from 2004 to 2013 and consists of the BMW E90 (sedan), BMW E91 (wagon, marketed as 'Touring'), BMW E92 (coupe) and BMW E93 (convertible) compact executive cars.

During its long and successful career, the BMW 3 Series has collected so many prizes and cups that it would be difficult even to enumerate them, let alone collect them in one “trophy” room. And still among all prizes, one is the most important: in the spring of 2006, at the motor show in New York, the jury of the World Car of the Year competition admitted the 3 Series car E90 to be the “World’s Best Car”.

Highlights: the first in the history of the 3 Series V8 engine, the debut of the coupe convertible, run-flat tires.

Presented a year before at the Motor Show in Geneva, the new 3-Series has turned out absolutely unlike the family E46. The car has increased in dimensions again, and quite noticeably – plus 5 centimeters in length and 8 centimeters in width. However, this increase has not affected the weight. More powerful engines using Efficient Dynamics technology and a completely new suspension – steel multi-linkage rear and aluminum front, created on the image and likeness of the suspension 5 Series, gave the car an amazing combination of responsiveness and stability on the trajectory.

In the biography of the E90 family was a lot of interesting experiences. For example, in March 2007, the first in the history of the family cabriolet coupe with a hard folding roof appeared. In the same generation, some versions were equipped with run-flat tires, which allowed to get to a service station with a flat tire.

For the first time in its own history, the BMW 3 Series received a V8 engine. And it was a grandiose thing! Having defeated all direct rivals in numerous comparative tests, the eight-cylinder M3, according to experts, became a true automotive icon of its time. Jeremy Clarkson summed up the endless stream of praise and admiration for the model briefly and clearly: “It’s simply the best car in the world. There’s no reason to think otherwise.

Production years: December 2004 – October 2013

Designer: Joji Nagashima (sedan and wagon), Marc Michael Markefka (coupe and convertible)

Production (units, total): 3 102 345

Top model: BMW M3 GTS

Max.power: 450 hp

Top speed: 305 km/h

0—100 km/h: 4.4 sec



  • 1.6–2.0 L N43/N45/N46 I4
  • 2.5–3.0 L N52/N53 I6
  • 3.0 L N54/N55 I6 turbo
  • 4.0 L S65 V8


  • 2.0 L M47/N47 I4
  • 3.0 L M57/N57 I6


  • 6-speed manual
  • 6-speed ZF 6HP automatic
  • 6-speed GM 6l45 automatic
  • 7-speed dual-clutch


Wheelbase: 2,760 mm (108.7 in)

Length: 4,520–4,610 mm (178.0–181.5 in)

Width: 1,780–1,820 mm (70.1–71.7 in)

Height: 1,380–1,420 mm (54.3–55.9 in)

Curb weight: 1,425–1,825 kg (3,141.6–4,023.4 lb)

Where to buy: Bring A Trailer

Reviews: BMW Blog

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